The 15 Fundamental Laws of De-escalation:

How To Put Out Fires, Not Start Them

In this Amazon Bestseller, Brendan King shares his most profound lessons from working with the most violent and aggressive persons in mental health, criminal justice, law enforcement, and military combat. Speaking from over two decades of experience, Mr. King walks readers through the basics of de-escalation, as well as some more advanced crisis prevention strategies. Practical, relatable, and easy to digest, The 15 Fundamental Laws of De-escalation is a must read for law enforcement officers, mental health experts, HR professionals, teachers, social workers, healthcare workers, or anyone with an interest in mitigating risk through verbal conflict management techniques.

Learn How. Know When.

  • Learn the essential skills you need to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations using the safest, most effective techniques possible
  • Discover more advanced crisis prevention and de-escalation techniques that could save lives in a real-life crisis
  • Understand why WORDS are your most valuable tool when it comes to communicating with aggressive individuals
  • Adopt strategies suitable for use in everyday workplace interactions
  • Feel safer and more prepared in the event of a true emergency

Available Everywhere In Both Paperback & Kindle

Great read! Practical and relatable examples. Applicable to my everyday interactions as well as interacting with irate customers in the workplace. In today’s climate we could all benefit from reading this. Highly recommend!


I work in Probation. Let me start by saying that everyday for me is unique and holds a lot of different challenges. I have read this book and honestly it gives step by step techniques to use in highly volatile environments. It’s made me look at how interact with people abs how I can improve those interactions on my side. I also signed up for his de escalation certificate program. I am learning techniques to add value to my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend not only this book but the Crisis Consultant LLC group!

- Maricela

Easy to read and quick to digest, but powerful! This book delivers the principles of de-escalation that work across all areas of life. (Yes, even with children.) It’s crazy, but I bought this book to consider how it might inform situations for some of my clients in business, but these principles apply everywhere. Highly recommend this book!

- Brian